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Why Natural Soap Is Better For You

In today’s age, people are more inclined to be healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly. In fact, the slow living, eco-friendly and low-impact lifestyle has become a global movement that pushes everyone to build a better life for themselves and the world around them. As more people move to reducing their impact and bettering their health, people everywhere have stopped to re-evaluate and redesign their lifestyle, often starting with the things that they use on a daily basis: their skincare products.

People are now questioning whether they should switch from liquid body washes and shampoos stored in plastic bottles to bar soaps. Actual soap promises less plastic, but what else? We’ll explain the difference between regular soap and natural soap, as well as what other benefits you can look forward to when you switch to natural soap products.

Organic Soaps Vs. Regular Soaps

Commercially-Made Soaps

Regular or commercial soaps are the soaps that you typically find on the shelves of a superstore. They are made with chemicals and other ingredients, and most are mass-produced in factories owned by large multinational companies. These factories are known to create an incredible amount of waste and toxic chemicals, most of which are not disposed of properly.

Most commercial soaps are also made and bottled in plastic which is another harmful product that takes thousands of years to decompose. According to Euromonitor International, the United States alone produced 7.9 billion units of plastic for beauty and personal care products in 2018. If that is transposed to a Canadian scale, it is estimated that Canada produces 909 million packaging units for beauty and personal care products a year. That is a lot of plastic!

Natural Soaps

Natural soap is different. It’s produced on a smaller scale, in a different way, and with vastly different products. Organic soap products are made out of organic or natural ingredients, meaning that they are found in nature or derived from living organisms like plants. These products are usually made in small batches by artisans, not large factories and machines, and through a unique soap-making process called the cold process method. The method uses oils and sodium hydroxide lye to create a natural chemical reaction called saponification.

The Benefits of Natural Soap

There are many benefits to choosing natural soap bars over a liquid body wash. Read more to learn about exactly what the benefits of organic soaps are.

Natural Soaps Are Healthier For You

Simply put: organic soaps are healthier for your body. The natural products and ingredients that are sourced and used in a handmade soap bar are what our body and skin are trained to expect. They also cleanse and moisturize our skin naturally. This is in stark contrast to the bar or liquid soap that is mass-produced. These types of soaps include a long list of synthetic ingredients like dangerous preservatives, harsh dyes, petroleum-based lathering agents and other synthetic compounds.

With organic soaps, you don’t have to worry about any of these harmful chemicals. Organic soaps are real soap — they’re fatty acids, salts and maybe some essential oils and natural dyes. They’re made by following a soap recipe and mixing oils and lye. After saponification occurs, you have handmade soaps that boast the natural benefits of organic butters, essential oils and even activated charcoal.

Cruelty-Free & Animal-Friendly

As more people realize what their skincare products are made out of, they are also shocked to learn how they are made and tested. After most body cleansers are made, they are tested on animals to determine whether they are safe for human use.

If you are concerned about animal welfare, organic soap bars are the perfect solution. There is no animal testing involved in the production of organic soaps, and the ingredients rarely include animal fat. Natural soap makers rely on extracts like coconut and palm oils to make a bar of soap rather than harsh chemicals. This makes testing them on animals unnecessary.

Moisturize Your Skin With Plant Oils

If you struggle with dry skin conditions, you have likely searched everywhere for a solution. Many commercial soaps advertise their moisturizing properties, but they often leave your skin drier than when you first started using them. This is because commercial “soap” uses synthetic detergents for their cleaning agent. While detergent is great for dishes and laundry, it can strip your skin of its natural oils, leading to skin irritation.
Natural soap has amazing moisturizing and cleansing properties

Natural soap bars are the best choice to moisturize your skin naturally. Unlike commercial “soap,” organic soaps use natural ingredients with real moisturizing properties. Most natural soaps include plant-derived base oils like coconut oil, palm oil, avocado oil, and shea butter, all of which are known to be incredibly hydrating. Natural soaps are also loaded with glycerin.

Glycerin, also known as glycerol, is a natural alcohol and water attractor. It is considered the best moisturizing agent out there and has been used for centuries. Some studies have even found that glycerin has helped treat various skin conditions.

Natural Antibacterial Properties

As previously mentioned, commercial soap manufacturers typically include synthetic detergent products in their soaps. These detergents are much like the ones used for cleaning dishes or doing your laundry, meaning that they’re often much too harsh for people with sensitive skin.

Organic soap has natural anti-bacterial agents like essential oil, which has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial compounds that can fight off pathogens. This ensures that handmade soap bars are gentle on your skin while retaining their incredible cleansing properties.

Delightful, Natural Scents

While clean and healthy skin is an important consideration when it comes to selecting a soap, smell also plays a big role. We want to feel clean and smell great when we use soap. Mass-produced soaps may seem like a great option because they boast a wide range of scents, but often they are too good to be true.
Handmade soap bars smell great thanks to their essential oils

Companies use synthetic chemicals to create the artificial fragrances included in their products. These chemicals can be harsh on all skin types, drying skin out or causing blemishes to form. People who are sensitive to strong fragrances also tend to have reactions to the overpowering synthetic fragrances used in commercial soap. This can make it incredibly difficult and restrictive to find a product that you enjoy.

Natural soap companies typically use natural essential oils to scent their products. They also tend to offer more light and delicate fragrances than their commercial competitors. This allows everyone to enjoy great-smelling soaps without the worry of possible irritation or allergic reaction.

Try Our Natural Soaps Today

We know that many people are trying to take the steps to live a healthier, more sustainable life. We have this goal for ourselves, too — that’s how Crate 61 was first founded. We started making handmade soap to create the purest and most naturally effective body and beauty bars for our family. Now, we made natural soap for people all across Canada.

Handmade soap has improved our lives for the better. It has also greatly impacted many customers that we have spoken to. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of natural soaps and get soft, great smelling and clear skin, browse our collection of handmade bar soaps today.

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