What are the Benefits of Using Charcoal Soap?

It seems today that everywhere you look you see activated charcoal in all sorts of health and beauty products including soap. But is charcoal soap good for you? Can you use charcoal soap every day without harmful repercussions? Does charcoal soap actually kill bacteria? The answer to all of these questions is: generally, yes!

Activated charcoal is an amazing ingredient that has been used for everything from air filters and water purification to treating gastrointestinal issues and poison control. Now, it’s even used in skincare all around the world because of its many amazing skin benefits.

What Is Activated Charcoal?

Black charcoal is the result of wood or other high-carbon content materials that are burned at high temperatures without oxygen. Activated charcoal is black charcoal that has been treated or ‘activated’ with oxygen, opening up and increasing the surface area of the charcoal pores.

This process makes it highly adsorbent, making it great at attracting and trapping toxins and impurities within itself, rendering it incredibly useful for one’s health, beauty, and overall well-being.

How Does Activated Charcoal Work?

Activated charcoal chemically binds other substances to its surface and holds them there. This process is called “adsorption” — this is not the same as absorption where one substance is incorporated into another.

Charcoal can adsorb thousands of times its own weight: one cubic inch of activated charcoal has the surface area equivalent to a 150,000 square-foot field, which is a lot of adsorbing power! This means black charcoal soaps to attract and adhere to toxins, facial oil, and other oils, plus dirt and grime and any other skin impurities with regular use, to name a few.

how does charcoal soap work
People have been using activated charcoal for thousands of years. Its detoxifying properties have been used by ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Since the early 20th century, activated charcoal has been used to remove the color of sugar. What’s more, it’s a natural ingredient that has also been used in filters for WWI gas masks to prevent chemical exposure!

What are the Skin Benefits of Activated Charcoal Soap?

Helps Balance Oily Skin

Those carbon pores attract extra unwanted oil and leave your face more balanced and smooth.

Clears and Deep Cleans Skin

In addition to excess oil, activated charcoal adsorbs impurities, toxins, and has the ability to remove dead skin cells along with clearing pores and reduce your overall pore size.

Gently Exfoliates

With just a little bit of texture it gently scrubs, attracts, and then washes away dead skin cells. Making it great for all skin types including sensitive skin, and is ideal for your face and body.

Removes Toxins and May Help with Acne

By deep cleansing our skin and removing dead cells, dirt, and grime, may help with acne over time, especially if you find acne-specific treatments too harsh for sensitive skin.

It’s a Healthier, Greener Cleanser

When you make it yourself or buy it from a good source, charcoal soap is a wonderful natural alternative. You can completely avoid all of the chemical fragrances, parabens, and alcohols found in most store options.

Suits Every Skin Type

Skin suitability is a major concern while using any skincare product and charcoal soap is one of the few that is suitable for every skin type!

It has the power to extract excessive oil from oily skin but also moisturizes and nourishes dry skin. It is also suitable for sensitive skin types. It effectively treats skin allergies and facial redness.

Prevents Premature Aging

Charcoal soap is an effective way to stop premature aging. It helps to do away with the wrinkles and fine lines, thus preventing you from looking old and having a dull, tired face.

Treats Psoriasis

Being an excellent exfoliant, with the ability to remove dead skin cells along with the extraction of dirt and grime, charcoal soap also treats psoriasis and eczema. It is effective for the treatment of parched, cracked skin. In some cases, it also prevents the disease from recurring.

Treats Dandruff

Charcoal soap has the unique property of functioning as a soap and shampoo. When used as a shampoo, it helps treat skin conditions like dandruff and dry scalp.

How To Use Charcoal Soap

Made with pure argan oil that is naturally rich with Vitamin E (key in cellular regeneration and is anti-aging), our Activated Charcoal Soap is our most moisturizing bar yet.

how to use charcoal soap

Additional ingredients like cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil and refined avocado oil lend to an amazing, rich, and bubbly lather that will leave your skin super soft and moisturized just the way you want.

How to Use Activated Charcoal Soap For Your Face
  • Splash your face with warm water to loosen dirt and oils.
  • Wet and lather our Activated Charcoal Soap with your hands.
  • Apply the lather on your face, careful to avoid your eyes and mouth.
  • Cleanse with gentle circular strokes, concentrating on the T-zone as well as areas that have acne. Be careful when you’re cleansing red, angry pimples.
  • If you have dry skin, gently massage your skin for 30-60 seconds. For oily, acne-prone skin, massage and cleanse for 1-2 minutes.
  • Rinse your face with warm water followed by a splash of cold to help seal your pores.
  • Gently pat dry with a clean towel.
  • Finish with a pore-minimizing toner and an oil-free moisturizer.
How to Use Activated Charcoal Soap For Your Body
  • Wet your skin with warm water to prep your skin.
  • Lather our Activated Charcoal Soap all over your body, concentrating on areas prone to odor and hyperpigmentation such as your neck, armpits, elbows, knees, and groin.
  • Continue to lather and cleanse with the soap. Set the soap aside once you get a significant lather going.
  • Scrub your body for 2-3 minutes to get rid of all those deep-seated dirt and oil.
  • Rinse your body with cold water to seal your pores.
  • Gently pat your skin dry and finish off with a moisturizing lotion.

The Takeaway

Activated charcoal has been used for thousands of years and for good reason. The many benefits of charcoal range from medicine to skincare. Its absorbing properties render charcoal products super attractive to dirt, grime, and other toxins like acne-causing bacteria.

It can clean like mad and even makes your skin clean and free from debris that can easily get cause in your pores. Using charcoal-based products will be a great addition to any skincare routine and for any skin type!

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