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Is Charcoal Soap Good For Your Face?

​​Is Charcoal Soap Good For Your Face?

In the past, charcoal was most commonly used for fueling trains, barbecues and other machines. It was burned as a source of fuel and could supply hours and even days of power. While charcoal is still widely used as a fuel, it has also gained immense popularity in beauty products.

Why are we using charcoal on our faces? How can the thing we burn for fuel be good for every skin type? Why is everyone raving over charcoal skin products? We’ll answer all of your burning questions about charcoal and explain why activated charcoal soap can be a great product to include in your skin care routine.

What Is Activated Charcoal?

First, the charcoal that we use on our faces is not the same as the charcoal we burn for fuel. The regular charcoal that we burn for fuel comes from wood and coal. We use activated charcoal (also referred to as activated carbon) in products like soaps. This type of charcoal involves more ingredients and undergoes an activation process.

In order to become “activated,” charcoal materials like bamboo, wood, coal, peat or coconut husks are burned at a very high temperature. This high-temperature steaming process (also referred to as controlled oxidation) purifies the materials and removes all of the oxygen from the charcoal.

Thanks to this process, the activated charcoal expands and so does its surface area. This creates a porous surface that works to trap toxins. Interestingly enough, just one tablespoon of activated charcoal can have a surface as large as a football field, allowing it to trap plenty of toxins.

Is Charcoal Good For You?

Activated charcoal is perfectly safe to use on your face and body. In fact, activated charcoal has been used to remove toxins from people’s bodies for thousands of years dating back to the Ancient Egyptians.

While it hasn’t been scientifically proven, activated carbon is now being incorporated into a wide range of skin care products thanks to its ability to absorb toxins and offer a deep clean. You can now purchase products like charcoal soap, body wash and toothpaste from popular beauty brands.

While charcoal is the main ingredient in charcoal soaps, there are other additives included in the soap-making process. All ingredients are carefully selected for their skin benefits and to provide a pampered and luxurious feel. For example, in Crate 61’s Activated Charcoal Soap, additional oils like extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, certified sustainable palm oil, avocado oil and argan oil are included to give the soap a rich lather and skin-soothing properties. Many soaps also include organic essential oils to offer a delightful aromatic scent.

The Benefits of Using Charcoal Soap On Your Face

Black charcoal soap is good for many things when it comes to caring for your face. Here are some of the skin benefits of charcoal soap:

1. Fights Premature Aging

As we age, our skin can become dull, cracked and not as firm due to a decrease in collagen. This can lead to premature ageing and the formation of wrinkles. Put your best face forward with activated charcoal soap. It makes skin tighter and firmer, helping prevent premature aging.

As the activated carbon draws out toxins and removes excessive oil, pores tighten and become smaller. This makes skin firmer and more radiant. Fine lines and cracked skin are also no match for activated carbon as it increases low collagen levels.

2. Reduces Pore Size

If you tend to spend a lot of time outside or in dusty or dirty environments, you might notice dirt settling on your face and into your pores, making them look larger, more noticeable and darker. Even wearing makeup every day can cause dark and large pores if you don’t take the time to remove all of your beauty products at the end of the day. Thankfully, there is a fast and simple way to clean your pores: activated charcoal soap.

One of the many benefits of activated charcoal is that it treats clogged pores. Its detoxifying properties help extract dirt and grime from the pores of your face. This helps provide a deep, luxurious clean for your face while also reducing the sizes of your pores. Instead of using pore strips and other skin care products to treat your large pores, incorporate activated charcoal soap into your daily routine.

3. Treats Acne

Acne and other blemishes on your face can make you feel self-conscious and embarrassed. They may even discourage you from going out. Don’t let acne stop you from living your life, incorporate activated charcoal soap into your skin care routine.

Activated charcoal soap is known to be a great beauty product for acne-prone skin. The activated carbon will remove environmental toxins that can build up on the surface of your face after a long day. If these toxins and excess oil rest on your face for some time, they can build up and form skin blemishes, so regular use will help you treat acne and have blemish-free skin.

4. Treats Oily Skin

While charcoal is definitely one of the best soaps for all sensitive skin types, it is particularly beneficial for those with oily skin. People with skin that tends to produce excessive oil tend to have a difficult time removing the facial oil that causes shine and blemishes like acne. Charcoal soap can help make treating oily skin easy.

Activated charcoal effectively removes unwanted oil from your skin. Its porous surface extracts oils and other dirt from the surface of your skin, helping to control facial oil and give you an oil-free look any time of the day. Treat oily skin regularly by adding charcoal soap into your daily skin routine one to three times a week.

5. Buffs Away Dead Skin Cells

There are many skin benefits of charcoal soap, but its ability to remove dead skin cells is one of its most highly praised properties.

Charcoal’s fine-grit texture gently exfoliates skin. This is perfect for people with dry or flakey skin because it removes dead cells and makes skin soft. If your face tends to dry out in the winter, a bar of charcoal soap is a great way to ensure your face looks amazing.

Charcoal’s exfoliating nature has caused it to become a widely popular solution for those with dry skin. In fact, it has even been incorporated into shampoo bars to help soothe dry scalp.

6. Removes Skin Impurities

Regular use of charcoal soap clears facial marks, resulting in clean and flawless skin. When used one to three times a week for several months, activated charcoal will pull toxins, dirt and grime lurking deep within the pores of your face. As dirt is removed regularly, the chances of developing blemishes are reduced and your skin can focus on repairing and healing skin impurities.

7. Treats Psoriasis & Other Skin Conditions

While charcoal soap promises flawless skin, it can also provide relief to those with skin disorders. Charcoal helps treat skin conditions like psoriasis thanks to gentle cleansing abilities. This trait allows the soap to ease symptoms while still providing deep clean to those who use it. Charcoal soap also effectively treats skin allergies that can cause sensitive skin conditions.

As always, consult your doctor before using charcoal products to treat psoriasis or other skin disorders.

Activated Charcoal Soap Is Great For Your Face

Charcoal soap is a great addition to your skin care routine, no matter your skin type. It promises blemish-free skin, smaller pores and a rich lather. You can trust that you can put your best face forward with activated charcoal soap!
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