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Ocean Cleanup
We avoid the use of plastic packaging but when we must use plastic, we use ocean plastics and/or ocean bound plastics
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Customer-First Approach
At our business, customer service is our top priority. The opinions of each of our customers shape our product line and the future of our business at Crate 61!
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Nourish with Nature
We bring together all of Earth's most premium, organic ingredients, to make you the absolute best that this world has to offer in skin care.
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Nourish with Nature
Join us in our effort to clean the oceans for our children
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Our Promise

Customer service is our priority. We want to hear from you both before and after you buy our products. Once you buy any of our products we automatically consider you to be part of the “Crate 61 Organics Family”. Your opinion will shape the details of our product line and ultimately, the future of our business.

We will always “keep it simple and keep it real”. In a world where mass marketing pollutes our minds with misleading insinuations we feel compelled to extend our knowledge of natural ingredients genuinely. By choosing to live a natural lifestyle we must also respect the laws of science​.

It takes more than great ingredients to create great skin care products. It takes passion. It takes focus. It takes a commitment to continuous learning. At Crate 61 we are obsessed with perfection. You will feel the difference. That is our promise.

What Our Customers Are Saying

A.A Toronto, ON Canada
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I’m 67 years old and a dry and itchy scalp kinda comes “standard” with this age. Using your product I’ve almost forgotten about my annoying scalp. It’s still flaky but the itchiness is gone! Great product! You should be very proud.
O.SToronto ON, Canada
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I’ve been using beeswax based lip gloss for as long as I can remember but no other brand has felt as good as your stuff. Thanks!
M.SWhitby ON Canada
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Hey there! Used your cream on a recent cigarette burn I had in between my fingers and I have to say it healed up pretty darn quick! Cool product.

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Our Difference

We go above and beyond to source the most premium natural and organic ingredients. We acquire most of our raw materials directly from their source, therefore we know where they all come from, how they have been processed and what quality of ingredient they actually are.